March 5, 2014

six months

There is so much to write about you this month! You have been busy growing and weigh 14lb 13oz and you are 24.5 inches long.  You are still wearing size one diapers and 3-6 month clothes but we are stocking up on the next size because you will be there before we know it.

This month you started eating like a big girl.  Rice and oatmeal cereal were easy but it took some getting used to those pears.  You love to help me hold the spoon and hate when we wipe your mouth clean but then some how you end up playing with the wash cloth. You also like to blow bubble gum and spit everywhere which has been pretty embarrassing for me and dad when spit up is involved.

This month we celebrated your first Valentine's day.  We kept with tradition and took you to Pei Wei where dad took me for our first Valentine's Day in high school.  

You continue to get more and more coordinated with you tiny hands.  You can now pick up your pacifier and put it in, all by yourself!  Sometimes you seem to be comforted just by holding onto it. You have a slight obsession with toothbrushes and love to brush your non-existent teeth before and after your bath and whenever me and dad are brushing ours.  Good thing we gave you two new toothbrushes for valentines day!! You also love paper and we have to watch you close so you don't eat it.  You have begun to pull hair and jewelry, especially my earrings.  You make a funny face when you eat my hair though, I guess it tastes bad!

We are trying to teach you how to wave bye bye and blow kisses but you just laugh at us.  You get so excited watching other kids, especially your cousins.  With the warm weather we have spent a lot of time outside and you love that!  Your favorite things are walks and swinging on the hammock.  We can't wait to hang the swing that Santa brought you.

This month you are so close to sitting up by yourself!  This is especially fun in the bath because you can splash around and reach for your toys.  You are rolling over everywhere (we call you roly poly sometimes) but you like to move the most at night in your crib.  This is where we saw you get up on all fours for the first time.  Now whenever you are on your belly you pop up onto all fours and rock back and forth.  You get so frustrated because you end up scooting backwards instead of forwards. I can't believe you will be crawling soon!

Happy six months sweet babe!!!!


  1. how is she so big already!? what a cutie

  2. Well nobody made me a 24 years and 6 month blog page. Thanks a lot Judy!!