March 11, 2014

products we love 3-6 months

There are millions of baby products out there and recommendations can vary because each family and baby is different.   You will discover what works best for you and your family but here are OUR top picks of products we loved for M's last three months...

ANTILOP Highchair with safety belt IKEA Easy to disassemble and transport.

High Chair- We bought M's high chair from Ikea for only $25!  This includes the tray that is sold separately.  She is still a little wobbly sitting up so we just stuff a folded quilt behind her and that helps secure her a little more.  I just saw online they are now selling a pad insert for the high chair which would work perfectly for little babies:) We love the simplicity of it and the style is cute.  The plastic is very easy to clean and can I say $25 again?!

Bottle Drying Rack-Now that I am back at work and M is taking bottles with Grandma and Grams, we wash and dry a lot of bottles by hand.  We received this drying rack from Target for a shower gift and then Santa brought M the flower stem accessory in her stocking which is great for drying pacifiers and smaller toys. I love that it looks cute so I don't mind leaving it out on the counter all day every day.

Toothbrushes-M is totally obsessed with toothbrushes right now.  For Valentine's day we bought her two new ones that came in a package set from HEB.  One is a learner and has a longer handle for parents to help guide.  I love the color options and the soft grip, and apparently M thinks they taste good!

Boppy Fabric Slipcover for Nursing Pillow - Multi-Color Jacks

Boppy- Yes we loved the boppy when we held Madeleine as a newborn but now we prop it up around her while she is learning to sit up.  It's like a plush little bumper car barrier around her so I can step away for a second while she is playing and don't worry about her tipping over.  

Monitor-Madeleine sleeps in her crib now and takes about 3 naps a day in her room so her monitor has been really handy. We set the camera up on her book shelf which peers right into her crib and then we can simply pan the room with the handheld monitor if we lay her down in the rock n play sleeper. I especially like having the video capability because M will toss and turn with a few fusses and not necessarily need me to go in.  It's also fun to watch her move in her sleep, she is literally all over the crib throughout the night:)  The handheld monitor is small (about the size of my old blackberry) and conveniently clips onto my shirt or pants if I am bustling around the house.

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