February 11, 2014

five months

Happy 5 months Madeleine!  This month you have learned how to maneuver your hands!  You pick up toys, you grab our faces, and knock over lots of stuff:)  You even help mommy and daddy hold your bottle. 

You continue to slobber a bunch and your favorite way to try things out is with you mouth.  You also love to kick up your feet and taste your toes.  You have shown a lot of interest in what me and dad eat and love to share our glasses of water.  You have learned to sit in your big girl high chair and love to throw your toys on the floor when we are eating dinner.

You weigh about 12.5 pounds now, are 24 inches long and still wear size one diapers and 3-6 month clothes. Your hair is blonde and is long enough now that it sticks up no matter how much we brush it.  It is absolutely beautiful!

This past month you had a bad case of RSV and we had to go to the hospital so you could be observed overnight.  You were very brave and mostly cuddled and slept on mommy and daddy.  You flirted with all the doctors and nurses and slept through both of your breathing treatments.  You did not like the booger sucker but it made you feel a lot better.  Grandma, Grams, and Pops visited you along with your favorite nurse, Carly!

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I love my days off because we play all day!!  You are getting good at taking naps and usually rest for at least an hour.  My favorite time of the day is rocking you to sleep because we get the best snuggles and you always smell so sweet after your bath!

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