January 9, 2014

thinning out

This year I would like to thin out my house, my closets, and yes my jeans but that's another story!  Would you like to be lighter and have more storage space throughout your home?  Well let's do it!

My goal is to tackle certain areas of the home or categories of items one month at a time so we don't get overwhelmed trying to go through everything at once (who has that much time anyway?).

The first month of 2014, let's thin out our SHOES.  The average person has around 30 pairs of shoes but only wears 1/4 of them! (I counted mine and I'm embarrassed to tell you but it's more than 30! How many do you have?) 

Our shoes are made for walking not sitting on a shelf in a shoe box!  Think about it, since our feet stop growing we tend to accumulate more and more shoes because we don't grow out of them like clothing!  I challenge you this month to go through your shoes, and your spouses' and kids' shoes as well, and donate the ones that you've outgrown or don't wear anymore.  

There are two organizations I found that collect shoes for a good cause; Soles4Souls and Recycled Runners. In our neighborhood they come by once a year and pick them up on your doorstep or you can find a location near you by clicking the links above.

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