January 1, 2014

four months!

Madeleine is four months old!!  She has had a busy month with her first Christmas and loved being spoiled by her family and Santa.

This month Madeleine laughed for the first time and it is the SWEETEST sound.  I now will do anything to get her to laugh which is probably entertaining to everyone else, but I can't help it, I'm addicted to her giggle.  She is my little buddy and smiles at just about anything I say to her...I like that she thinks I'm funny:) Madeleine continues to coo and her new favorite friend is the red bear baby Emily got her for Christmas.  She talks to him all the time.

M has been pretty active too, rolling side to side and kicking her feet up in the air.  She successfully can roll from her tummy to her back.  She is learning to grab things this month and tasting everything she can get into her mouth.  She is such a slobber monster these days!  She still loves to stand and gets such a proud look on her face when she stands so tall.  She is enjoying tummy time more and more, especially when Patrick comes over to play.

Big events from this past month were the freezing cold Baylor game and all our Christmas celebrations.  

Madeleine is starting to fit into her bumbo chair and recently started sitting in her highchair while we eat at the table.  She looks like such a big girl!  She is wearing size 1 diapers and 3-6 month clothing now.  Her hair is growing every day it seems and we love it best right after her bath.  We call her our little fuzz head.

Sleeping is digressing at our house but we are hoping it's just a growth spurt!!  Madeleine weighs 10lb 10 oz now and is 24 inches long.  Her belly button is now tucked in and her eyes are blue, just like her dad's!

Happy four months sweet girl!!

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