October 23, 2013

hostess with the mostess

I love themed showers and when I'm on the other side of hosting, I love giving hostess gifts that fit in with the theme.  Both of my baby showers had adorable themes, farmers market and welcome to the world.  

For the farmer's market shower I gave each hostess a linen shopping bag (Hobby Lobby) with their initial on the front that I simply painted on with a fabric paint pen.  I folded the bags and wrapped them with baker's twine, adding a magnetic shopping list pad and assorted food labels (Target).  I displayed them in a wicker picnic basket at the shower.

For the welcome to the world shower, I gave each hostess a beautiful tea diffuser/mug with flavored teas from around the world (World Market).  Get it?! For the wrapping, I filled each box with white crinkle paper and then covered in maps torn out of an atlas. This shower took place in Dallas so I toted them around in a wicker and linen laundry basket.

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