April 2, 2013

handle on things

I took an idea from Young House Love and decided to update our door knobs throughout the house by spray painting them.  The picture above is the best before picture I could find of our brassy-brass dated knobs.  My mom thought I was being cheap crazy but the knobs we liked from Lowe's were at least $20 each and more expensive if you wanted knobs to lock on bedrooms and bathrooms.  Not to mention, we have 20 door knobs!!!  I pitched the idea to Joe and of course he was a go, so we took down the step by step notes from John and Sherry and went to work.

We removed all 20 knobs which went smoothly after we got the hang of it.  Not going to lie, I had to watch a few You Tube videos to see the most efficient way to remove them.  Luckily our knobs had little buttons to just push in and release the knob and then we used a drill to release the body.  We numbered each door, knob, and body with a sharpie so we wouldn't get confused when putting them back.

I sanded each piece with a high grit sand paper and then Joe wiped them down with Crown's Next Liquid Deglosser.

The spray paint we used was Rustoleum Universal All-Surface Spray Paint which has a built in primer.  We took our time and sprayed a couple of coats allowing lots of dry time.

Putting them back was simple and they look great!  We decided to replace the latch key plates to match since they are reasonably priced and really complete the look.  With this project we saved at least $400 and it really updates our home!