March 28, 2013

two packs of candles

The 9th came on a Saturday this year so I started my birthday off right with brunch at Le Peep with my good friend Stephanie.  Joe had class that morning and once he got home with a Sonic drink, I watched a movie while sanding our door knobs (more about this later) and Joe painted our study/dining room.

We went to dinner that night with the lovely crew below at one of my favorite places...Alamo Cafe.  My pregnant self enjoyed a delicious virgin pina colada and some vegetable fajitas...YUM!

My birthday cake was aglow with a 24 pack of candles +1 which makes me emotional, not because I'm getting older, but because of the special year that each of those candles represents.  I am blessed so much more than I deserve.

This year I turned 25...happy day!

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