January 25, 2013

pocket planner

I look forward to that time every year when I get to replace my planner:)  Yes, I know I could have an electronic planner on my phone or computer, but there is satisfaction is handwriting a to do list and watching it cross off! 

The inside covers, front and back, of my planners collect items such as insurance cards,  reflections, pictures, Save the Dates, receipts, and appointment reminders.  It was getting to the point where I would have to carry my planner carefully so as not to lose any contents inside.

I saw this tip on Martha Stewart.com to paste an envelope on the inside covers to serve as pockets.  What a great idea!  

I picked out two envelopes from my stationary collection and glued them to the covers using craft dot glue and an Elmer's glue stick.  Now these fly away papers are neatly held in, just where I like them:)



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