January 28, 2013

paper problems

I can't believe how much paper just 2 people can acquire in our house.  From bills, to mail, to school work, to church pamphlets, it REALLY adds up!  And where does it add up?  ALL OVER!  We have stacks of paper on the stairs, the kitchen table, the island, and on the desk.  I have a file box where we keep important documents but we really didn't have a solution for short term papers.

I knew i wanted to dedicate this wall in the kitchen to some sort of paper organization/message board.  I like this spot because you can't see it unless you are standing near our stove looking back at the living room.  I had my eye on these beautiful hanging file sorters from Pottery Barn but they were over $50!  I was shopping with my mom when I spotted this cutie at Home Goods for only $20!  It came in red, blue and green but I really wanted it to be neutral so we spray painted it with some stainless paint we had left over from another project.  I covered the label holders with painters tape and sprayed to my hearts desire:)

It took a couple of days to dry but it turned out great!  It really compliments our gray cabinets and dark island.  Joe hung it up using some sturdy anchors in case we load it down with too many papers.  There are actually enough slots for 6 sections of papers so we broke it down like this:
To Do
To File

It took some getting used to, but now we are in the habit of sorting through the mail and putting it in the file.  I am able to pick up stacks of paper and put them here until I have more time later to organize it.  I love the piles on the wall and off our counters!  In the future I hope to find some cool magnetic chalk boards to put on the right hand side.

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