January 8, 2013

movin' on up

So a few weeks ago, I posted an inspiration board of what we wanted our kitchen to become.  We recently tackled the project of painting our cabinets gray, 'Elephant Skin,' to be exact, but before we could paint, however, there was ALOT of prep work to be done!

We wanted to move our cabinets up a few inches because they seemed so low, they almost crowded the counter below.  We were able to move them up 3 inches.  Why only 3 inches?  There happened to be an outlet in the cabinet above our microwave where the microwave is plugged into so we couldn't risk interfering. Three inches still made quite the difference, and moving our cabinets was super simple. 

I did all the prep work for moving our cabinets one night while Joe was in class.  Prep work consisted of moving everything out of the top cabinets, measuring a straight line of where the new position would be, and breaking the seal of the caulking on all the edges.  When Joe got home, I had the drill ready and we went to work.  All we had to do was unscrew 4 screws in each cabinet box, move it up into the new position, and screw back in.  It really was a two man job keeping the cabinet boxes steady while the other drilled.

After the boxes were set, we went through and re-caulked the edges sealing them tight.

 Shoot! I don't have an after picture to show our cabinets standing tall.  Stay tuned for more cabinet updates!

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