August 9, 2012


It's that time of the year to take a no, I mean organize your bath! 

Now that I am sharing a bathroom with Joe, the amount of things I need to store has definitely increased.  Joe has a pretty impressive collection of razor blades and grooming accessories, but I have to admit I have him beat with all my hair accessories (bobby pins, straightener, dryer, curling iron, brush, spray, etc, etc.), lotions, perfumes, make up, and nail polish. Luckily he doesn't complain when I spill over to his side;)  

Less is more.  To keep the bath looking neat and tidy, we keep the bear minimum visible on the counter top.  We have a tissue box, toothbrush holder, and soap dispenser...that's it!  Everything else has a home under the sink or in one of our three drawers.

His and Hers.  A drawer for him and a drawer for her makes things easy.  No point in crossing over each other to get to your items, just keep it on your side.  Try personalizing your drawer with liners from Hammocks and High Tea.  I love their patterns!  Tidy up a bathroom vanity with drawer organizers that have several compartments.  They keep things from rolling around and the consistency look better.

Medicine Cabinet Cure-All
Medic.  Do you have a medicine cabinet built into the wall?  Me too, and I hate it.  Why would someone create a cabinet with such little functional space?  I would rather hang a beautiful picture there! Oh well.  To deal with it, try purchasing shallow stacking cups or boxes (dessert cups work great and add character) that fit your space.  Group like medicines (headache, children, stomach, etc.) and then label each container accordingly.  The stacking ability helps max the vertical space and you don't knock over 3 bottles each time you reach for something.

Extra.  I like to have backups in the bathroom.  Not the kind that requires a plunger. For example, when we run out of shampoo, I have one in stock, and then it goes on the grocery list to replace our inventory.  No need for the back up items to be under the sink.  If you have space in a linen closet or in your master closet, throw the extras in a bin and label it to match your closet decor. It's like your bathroom stockroom in a box.  "Case, do we have any more body wash?"  "One second while I check the back....."

Pin.  Here are some of my favorite bathroom organization pins:
Bathroom organization
labeled bins

coat rack for towels
bobby pins + magnet strip
bobby pins on magnets

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