March 2, 2011

Clean as Mud



This mud room closet needed a lot of TLC when it came to purging out old shoes.  In the end we donated two trash bags full of shoes that kids had out grown and styles had outdated.  Once all shoes were tossed or saved, we categorized them by use and owner, giving each family member their own shelf.  Bins are a great way to store flip flops and sneakers because they are durable to wear and tear, but be cautious with dress shoes and flats to avoid scuffs and mis-shaping. 
For the coat hangers, we moved odd colors to another closet, keeping only white tubular hangers.  This helps the closet look uniform throughout and spacing the coats evenly takes away the crowded appearance.  As for the storage on the top shelf, all we did was rearrange boxes so that like items were together. 

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