December 1, 2014

scrap storage

So a few weeks ago I alluded to the idea of organizing our garage once the weather cooled down.  Well, we are making some small strides and we started with our wood scrap pile.

We collect a lot of scrap wood from our diy projects and it was getting overwhelming.  We save every little piece and sure enough, we find uses for a lot of them. So in our efforts to organize the garage, we needed a storage solution for our wood pile.

Lucky for us, Madeleine's playhouse was shipped on a pallet and we had seen some cool storage ideas using pallets on pinterest. Check out my Garage and Shop Board to see our inspiration pins for the garage project.

Joe was able to pull off a couple of pieces of the pallet and re-attach them to the front using screws so we ended up with a 2 compartment wood holder.  We stacked larger and heavier pieces in the back and smaller skinny pieces in the front.  For the tiny miscellaneous scraps, we threw them in a box and their final location is to be determined.

The picture doesn't show the scale quite right, the pile took up a ton of room

now it's neat and compact

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