June 16, 2014

we don't have china but we have a china cabinet

Joe and I had been on the lookout for a china cabinet for a while.  We have the perfect wall for one but our dining room is a little on the small side so we needed something that would take up the wall but not dip into the space.  We found a Broyhill cabinet on craigslist and picked it up one Sunday afternoon.  The couple we bought it from was so sweet. and old.  So Joe and I lugged this huge thing into the bed of his truck all on our own.  I don't have a great before picture but it was cream colored with antiqued brass hardware.  

This picture shows the color options we were debating, which were all paint that we already had.  We decided to go with the dark blue so the cabinet would be the focal point of the room.

For fun, we added some pattern to the backing using scrap book paper and modge podge.  I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, it was horrible!  The paper bubbled and there are so many creases but it's hard to see once the shelves are stocked.  If you want to try this, we recommend spray adhesive!

One nice little feature for this cabinet is that it stores our printer!  Haha, I guess this is one perk of not having china, right?!  We have a wireless printer and wanted it off our desk top so now it lives in the china cabinet:)

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