February 17, 2014

thinning out february

This month let's go through our beauty products.

ie makeup, lotions, perfumes, and toiletries.  I'm not sure why, but I've always had the habit of saving perfume and lotions for special occasions and what I end up with is a huge box of them in my closet that never get used.  I prefer to use aloe body wash and lotion because it feels cleaner than those that are more perfume based but I've stopped replacing my body wash and lotion until I've used all my 'fancy' ones.

Make up is tough because it's expensive but there is no reason to hold onto that nail polish you don't really LOVE the color of or the eye shadow that ended up clashing with your eye color.  Go through that make up bag and toss what you aren't using!

Joe likes to stash up on hotel toiletries because they are great to throw in your carry on luggage as they meet the TSA specifications.  There are literally 25 tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion in his travel bag.  I tossed the ones that were almost empty and found a bag to store the remainder so his travel bag only has one of each item now.

To avoid wasting my good smelling lotions, perfumes, etc.  I plan on throwing everything in a nice basket and taking it to work or to my friends and see if anyone wants anything.  Who doesn't need a bottle of lotion in their desk drawer?  

What can you do with those empty bottles?  Origins stores will accept cosmetic tubes and bottles regardless of the brand and Back to M.A.C. will accept it's own brand of packaging.

My bathroom cabinets feel a lot less full and the items I use every day are now more accessible since I ditched the excess. Thank you February!

How is your purging going??  Was there something interesting you found going through your smell goods and makeup?  Let me know at getittogetherproorganizing@gmail.com

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