October 31, 2013

two months

Happy Halloween!  Madeleine is two months old today and we are starting to see a little personality in there!!  She started smiling this month which just melts us every time. We seriously do anything to get one out of her and now we sort of have a routine of tricks (blowing on her, running with her legs, moving her lips, and talking super high pitched).  Our days consist of eating, talking/playing, and sleeping.  My favorite part is talking when I just prop her up on my knees and tell her whatever comes into my head.  She loves to talk back and moves her tongue all around cooing at me through her grins:)

We've made definite progress with bath time and usually get through them with no signs of crying.  If we can keep her warm, we are golden.

I caught her sucking her thumb once this month.  She is constantly sucking on her hands and her tiny thumbs are usually tucked neatly inside her fists but one day she got it out:)

We moved Madeleine out of our room and into the nursery at about 6 weeks.  She was sleeping wonderfully in her rock and play sleeper (Hope, this is what we can't live without!) but we wanted to start getting her accustomed to her crib so we begin each night in the crib and after a night feeding we put her back in the rock and play.  Now she sleeps about 5-6 hours in the crib and then 4 more in the sleeper.....we are so grateful!

Some big events this month: Sitka wedding, Aggie tailgate, Songwriters on the Ranch concert, first trip to Panna Maria

This month we found that the vent hood above our stove is very calming to Madeleine.  We turn it on when she starts getting sleepy and it soothes her.  Who knew? Its also great to have on while she's napping because it drowns out a lot of noise.

We try to go on a walk every day in our neighborhood.  Madeleine usually falls asleep in her car seat and stroller now so I guess she likes our walks:)  When she's fussing in the car we turn the radio up and put down the sunroof and that seems o do the trick! 

Madeleine is still very petite, weighing only 8lb 12oz at her 8 week check up.  She is now 21.5" long, wearing 0-3 months but still in newborn diapers.  

Happy two months!!

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  1. That smile! and that stretch!! miss her already