October 11, 2013

one month

Madeleine is one month old...already!  Really she is 6 weeks but with an infant in your house..time to blog is hard to come by;)

The past four weeks have been crazy in the best of ways..busy, sleepy, cuddly, cranky, peaceful, stressful, and everything in between.  I have learned to nurse, swaddle, bathe, dress, and diaper my daughter which in my book is quite an accomplishment!  I didn't think it was possible for a day to pass so quickly but when you hold and stare at a precious baby, the time flies FAST.

Madeleine has stolen our hearts with her sweet cheeks, huge yawns (my mom calls her a baby hippo because she yawns so big), tiny baby stretches, and forehead wrinkles.  She gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME but doesn't mind them, she even falls asleep to them.  We are seriously surprised at how strong she is already.  She holds her head up for long periods of time and kicks off of us with her feet.  She loves to lay and stretch out, just kicking her legs and looking around at things.  

It hasn't all been a piece of cake.  Madeleine sometimes cries just because.  Her diaper is dry, she just ate, and yet she is crying. loud.  We asked our doctor and he summed it up to colic which when you research colic it's pretty much just a name given to babies who cry for no reason.  Some say it's tummy aches, some say its too much stimulation, but research hasn't supported one more than the other. thanks. So we have learned to manage Madeleine's fussy times with what Joe calls the monkey position (holding her on her tummy and patting her back, she loves it) running water and the vacuum cleaner.  Hey whatever works:)

We had our first appointment with the pediatrician when Madeleine was one week old.  She weighed 7lb 10oz and was 20 3/4" long.  She is doing really well and we don't go back until she is 8 weeks.  We have called the doctor 3 times and only one of those was after hours...I am so proud:) 

Some big events happened in Madeleine's first month including Memaw and Geda's 60th wedding anniversary and Eli's Aggie Ring Day. 

happy one month!

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  1. Congratulations!! She is so so so so beautiful! Colic is very tough and I remember going home to do the research and my husband looking at me saying, "you were right the vacuum fixes colic!" So yes I ran the vacuum a ton!