September 30, 2013

happy birthday madeleine

It was a long labor and a long hospital stay...but it was all worth it!  24 hours, 4 shift changes, and several ice chips later, we met our sweet Madeleine for the very first time.

She was born August 31st at 5:16 AM 
weighing 7lb 12oz and 20 inches long!

Grandma & Papa

Grams & Pops

Our family was amazing and stayed at the hospital from Friday until Saturday morning. It meant so much to have them there praying for and supporting us, not to mention the times they came to hang out in our room made the long day go by a little faster:)

Madeleine had high bilirubin levels so she spent one day under the lights in our room to help clear her jaundice.

We took her home on Labor Day and yes I thought Joe drove too fast:)

Happy birthday sweet Madeleine!! Welcome to the world!

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  1. Beautiful baby. Congratulations to both of you! She looks so small when Joe is holding her ;^)
    Ann Alexander