August 15, 2013

DC day four...what a rush!

Our last day in DC was quite a rush.  We ran into metro delays on our way to Georgetown, but finally made it and enjoyed walking the streets and seeing the shops.  We made it back to Alexandria and grabbed a very hurried lunch at the Charter House.  We were so nervous about our flight that Joe left the restaurant before me to run and grab all of our luggage.  I took the trolley and we picked him up outside our hotel and then caught the metro to the furthest stop we could take to get as close to the airport as possible.  

We met another couple trying to catch their flight and decided that we would share a cab instead of waiting for the airport shuttle that only came every half hour.  We had a great cab driver but of course there was traffic!!  

We got to the airport, ran through security, and made it to our gate as they were boarding our section....I was so stressed!!!!!!!!!!!  But what an exciting way to end our trip to the nation's capitol, eh?

Georgetown University

Welcome to Virginia

Waiting on the metro

Charter House

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