August 19, 2013

baby wall collage

In the nursery we have a section of wall between the bedroom and closet door that we wanted to spruce up.  I have been collecting frames and such since we knew the color scheme of the room and ended up with the frames, M, chalkboard (one of my old frames that I painted), and wall art below.

Arranging them was no easy task, probably because I am a very symmetrical person and even when I try to make wall collages look spontaneous, everything ends up looking like an excel spreadsheet!  

We finally decided on the layout above and took a picture of it on my phone to use as a template for hanging.  That is one major plus of collage walls, it's not necessary to be exact with measurements and spacing...a little 'off' is a good thing.

I found the toy box at the bottom at Nadeau's.  LOVE the color and LOVE the upholstery.  I am picturing Madeleine's monthly pictures here, hence the chalkboard above....

Maybe we should write 'coming soon...."

We've since added some maternity pictures and an ultra sound pic to the'll see!

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