May 13, 2013

mcp cribs

So the nursery planning has begun!!!  We have been thinking about it for a while now and finally got the ball rolling a few weeks ago.  

The bones of the plan came from the dresser and the crib. Judy has loaned us a red dresser from when Joe was little that is so cute and the perfect size and height for a changing pad to sit on top. Did I mention that it's red??  For the crib, I wanted to order the same one that I had as a baby...yes they still have them around....and they are so precious and not gigantic   The crib is Jinny Lind and you can order them anywhere.  We found the best price, in the finish we wanted (espresso), at WalMart and they were running a deal with free shipping. Woot woot!

Once the crib came in I got all kinds of motivated and Joe and I played musical chairs with the furniture upstairs   We moved the guest room into what we call the "niece's" room  and the niece's room into the craft room and the craft supplies are now sharing space with the niece's:)

The night we put the crib together was so surreal.  It was a Saturday night that we had nothing going on....very rare...and I had one of those moments where you step back and see the big picture. Wow!  There is a baby that will be sleeping here in a few short months, and she's our baby, and probably all of our kids will share this crib, and this is a really huge moment in our lives!!!! Sob sob:)  But emotions aside, the crib is precious and we love it!

Below you will see a little idea board for the nursery.  By no means is this solid, but it's where we are starting.  Stay tuned!!!

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