April 19, 2013

oh boy! it's a girl!

Baby P is a girl! 

Let's not be too ambitious..that "thing" is her umbilical cord:) 
Joe and I had another sonogram at 19 weeks where the doctor checked all her anatomy and the gender.  It was so cool to see all her tiny parts up close, her spine, her toes, her nose, and heart.  She is doing great and weighing in at about 10oz.

We for sure thought she was a he...all the old wives tales pointed in that direction and our whole family was convinced it was a boy...after 7 girls and only one guy, the odds were bound to be in favor of a boy...but we were wrong:)  And I've never been so excited about being wrong!

Celebratory cake from Grams and Pops!
She is so cute already and it's amazing how much bonding can happen just by watching her on the screen for a few minutes.  Even hearing our friends and family call it a HER gives me tingles of joy.

My mom, Abby and I went shopping the day we found out and had a blast picking out clothes.  Why is it that  shrinking clothes into tiny sizes makes them almost irresistible?  I've realized that I have a major thing for tiny baby shoes.  They are so precious!!!

A little update on the pregnancy: All my nausea has disappeared and my energy is back in full swing.  I feel so good that I have to make myself kick up my feet every once in a while and rest.  Cravings still consist of chocolate milk and every now and then a side salad from Carinos and ice cream:)  My belly is starting to grow and I can feel her flutters every now and then. Last week she was moving around like crazy and Joe was able to feel her but she's been pretty shy since then.

We're at the half way mark at almost 21 weeks now so keep the prayers coming for a healthy pregnancy and a happy delivery!


  1. Awww Casey, you are one pretty mama (and that dress in the right is fabulous!)

  2. Congratulations Casey and Joe! Can't wait to meet her!

  3. Congratulations! I love the dress on the right. (I love it so much, I own it ;) )

  4. Congratulations, this is wonderful news!

  5. Thanks guys!! The dress on the right is my sister-in-law, Becky's. She and my cousin Kristen share all their maternity clothes with me...so sweet and what a life saver!!!