March 5, 2013

how to store door decor

So when it came time to store our wreaths, the plastic garbage bags just weren't cutting it anymore.  They were fine for my homemade Christmas wreath in college, but not for my beautiful fall wreath that I waited forever to go on sale and still paid a pretty penny.  I needed something more sturdy.

I found a large wreath box at The Container Store for super cheap during the holidays and bought 3 to store all of our wreaths.  They are large enough to fit one big guy or two medium sized wreaths.  I thought about going plastic but could never find one that was big enough and was worth the price.

These were easy to put together but one negative is that they aren't see through so they were in need of labels. 

No Problem!  BHG has downloadable labels that I love so I printed them out, self laminated them with some clear packing tape, and used pocket brads to attach them to the boxes.  Now they are neatly tucked away in the attic and ready for next season! 


  1. So great! I need to get these for sure! I love the printable tags too!

  2. You know why we're friends? Because I just bought that bedspread too!! :)