January 4, 2013

out of the ordinary

Every once in a while, Real Simple publishes 'New Uses for Old Things."  I love reading through these and finding ways to use ordinary items I already have. They are creative and save money!  Here are my favorites from 2012:

A colander as an ice bucket

Orange colander holding ice
What a great way to avoid a watered down ice bucket!

Deodorant as a blister fixer

Deodorant as Blister Preventer

My friend Laura gave me a blister elixir as a gift and I absolutely love it!  I can wear new shoes without fear of sore feet half way through the day.  The deodorant works the same way, providing a friction free zone so your shoes don't rub your feet raw.

Pencil eraser as an earring back

Pencil eraser used to secure earring

I am always losing my earring backs and haven't had time to buy replacements.  This is a perfect time and money saver!

Oven mitt for a heat guard

Oven mitt as heat gaurd

Unplug and toss in your bag without waiting for a cool down.  

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