December 21, 2012

oh christmas trees

When Joe and I were decorating our Christmas tree this year, we reflected back on our other Christmas trees together.....

 Our first Christmas was in Seattle and while we were so far away from home, both of our parents and our friends Kate & Greg all came to visit us during December which took care of some home sickness.  Kate and Greg flew in the day we bought our Christmas tree and helped us decorate too!

Our second Christmas we will call a transition period.  Joe had recently "retired" from football and we were searching for jobs to put down our roots in San Antonio.  We continued to bounce around between our parent's houses with no mantel and living room to call our own:(  Judy, my mother-in-law, had purchased an artificial tree the year before so she could set it up for when we skyped with them on Christmas Eve to do our celebration as a family.  How sweet is that?!  She generously lent it to us the next year so we could have our own tree upstairs.  We didn't want to drag out all the ornaments from storage so we got creative and decorated with all out winter garments (don't really need them in Texas!).

 And this year we are in our new home!  It took us a couple of hours of rearranging furniture to find the perfect place for our tree. Pine needles everywhere!! Note to self: must get a taller, skinnier tree next year!!  We had fun picking it out too.  HEB has a great selection of trees and the guy that helped us was amazing!  He truly is a tree whisperer:)  All our guests think our tree is fake until they go touch it! 
Tree whisperer perfect cut!
We have all the same ornaments from our first year and some that I picked up last year at the  Fredericksburg trade days.  I went for an outdoor theme with birds, bird houses, mittens and sticking caps, etc.  I got the ribbon garland from Hobby Lobby.  I love the burlap and white strip and they have a red version too!  I was hoping to make a burlap tree skirt but can't find any burlap in all of San Antonio!  Maybe next year!

Merry Christmas Tree Everyone!!

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  1. SO glad we got to visit in Seattle. What a special trip :)