December 17, 2012

Let's go!

This fall Joe and I took a trip to Paris and Rome for about 10 days.  This was Joe's first time to go to Europe and I had so much fun sharing that with him!  I am still in the process (a SLOW process...let's just be honest, I haven't even started yet) of editing pictures, but want to post about each day we spent on our trip. When friends and family ask us, "How was the trip?" it's funny how it's so hard to put into words how much fun we had and all that we did and saw.  So hopefully, these posts do it more justice! 

Joe and I left San Antonio on a Thursday afternoon and flew to Atlanta where we caught a 9PM flight to Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport.  We managed to pack everything in carry on luggage. I don't even know how. 

Our flight was awesome because we had complimentary wine, dinner, a light breakfast and our own TV screens.  The flight attendants spoke French so it was pretty intimidating.  Joe watched what he thought was Avengers (he kept waiting for the super heroes to show up and they never ended up being some weird alien movie:) and I watched The Vow.  We slept a little but the seats were uncomfortable so it was a definite challenge.  The couple sitting next to us was going to Malaga, Spain so we told them about Elizabeth going there for World Youth Day.  I don’t think he understood me but he smiled all the less :) 

Trip details: 
Booked flights through Kayak
Booked hostiles through Hostile World
Got currency from Wellsfargo the week before
Took off 6 days of work
Made a trip schedule with emergency contact #'s & addresses 

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