November 29, 2012

a handle on candles

My mom got me the sweetest bridal shower gift almost 3 years ago.  It was  a laundry basket full of pairs of candles, candles holders, lighters, a wick trimmer, etc.  She printed out a poem to go along with it....

A Basket of Candles for Casey
A basket of candles that come in a pair, 
In all different colors, for you two to share.  
The white ones burn first, they are wrapped in white lace, 
To celebrate your first married night in your new chosen place.  
The green pair is taller, and also much thinner, 
Burn with the first company you have over for dinner,  
The dark blue candles are for after your first fight, 
Use them to burn while making up all night. 
Pink candles set the mood and pave the way, 
For your first married Valentines Day.  
Now when your first year of marriage is through, 
The ivory anniversary pair will light for you two.  
Red candles aflame, both your futures are bright, 
Celebrate promotions you've worked for with all your might.  
By this time we hope, maybe, just maybe, 
You can light the purple ones on the birth of your baby.  
And just when you thought you'd put these away, 
Take the light blue ones out for your 5th anniversary day.  
Now just one more pair left- for the big 2 5, 
The anniversary pair that will keep your love alive.  
Congratulations Casey and Joe on the start of your forever, 
May the two of you always be happy together.  
Burn these candles just the way that I said, 
But please don't forget-blow them out before bed!

We packed up all these candles to take with us to Seattle and lugged them back home a year later.  So many events to burn in the first year!  Now that we've moved into our house, it's taken me a while to unpack this box. I need quite a bit of room, a place with a reasonable room temperature, and somewhere I will see often to remember those special occasions to burn.  Joe's childhood dresser is the perfect place!!

We borrowed this piece from the Pawelek's to be our stand in dresser until we could purchase one for our bedroom.  The dresser was refinished with red, so cute, and I really love the idea of having something for our kids that Joe had as a kid:)  Until then, let's store candles in it!

I unpacked all of our candles and sorted them into the following categories: seasonal, gift (from my mom), smell good, religious, plain, holders, and accessories.  Next I simply dedicated a drawer to each category.  I used a drawer insert with different compartments for the small accessories. Now exchanging candles throughout the house is simple and I am able to see all we have to choose from.

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  1. That was THE sweetest gift ever!! I am pretty sure that we were all in tears! Thank you so much for this post. I have candles stashed in random places all over my house!