April 6, 2012


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Continuing on with our 12 month storage plan, let's take a look at your laundry room.  Whether it's a closet, a room, or even just a space in your garage, your laundry room needs to be functional.  

If space is an issue, I suggest stacking your washer and dryer and putting in a utility sink with shelf space.  If this is not possible, then build a cubby for your appliances and add a solid counter top for folding and storing detergents. If you have a bare wall above your washer and dryer, try installing some cabinet units or shelving to maximize that vertical space.
Purchase the coordinating pedestals to add storage space under your washer and dryer.  These are perfect for housing large detergent containers.

Designate a basket especially for stain removing items.  When you have to spot treat an article, simply grab the bin and all your tools are at your fingertips.

Ironing boards are awkward to store.  Try hanging your ironing board behind your utility room door.  Hangers for ironing boards can be purchased at The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Target.

Most homes implement a three basket system for sorting.  My personal preference is to sort an entire hamper at once and get it over with.  However, I suggest a three basket system for dry cleaning, repairs, and donations.  You can use smaller baskets for these items so they won't take up too much room and what a great way to keep your closets purged of unwanted items!

One of the most time consuming and overwhelming chores at home is laundry, and most of the time we put it off until we run out of clean underwear.  I suggest making a plan that works for you and your family.  My mother scheduled a laundry day, Sundays, and that's the only time she did it.  If our clothes weren't in the utility room in time, tough luck! If you are an advocate of your kids doing their own laundry, then assign each child a day and time of the week that the laundry room is reserved just for them.

Just because your laundry room is used for chores and needs to be practical and functional, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.  Add some unique touches that make you smile so you can feel happy while you fold!!

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