March 7, 2012

march=living room


I feel like this year is just flying by already!  Here we are in March and saying goodbye to our first quarter of 2012.  Save some of your precious time by participating in this month by month plan to getting your home organized.

We are dedicating March to our living rooms aka family rooms, aka great rooms.  Whatever you call it, it's important that this room is functional for everyone to use.  The family room has a big role to play...relaxing space, entertaining area, meeting room, guest room etc. so make sure you utilize every nook and cranny by adding storage.

Lilly Pullitzer
Purchase storage ottomans or coffee tables for extra hidden space.  Poufs and small ottomans are great for extra seating when company is over, but when you're not using them, tuck them under your side table or shoot, place a tray on top and it becomes your side table.  Nesting tables are a great way to add surface area when, and only when, you need it.  
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If you have a young family, assign a decorative bin to each member of the household.  Small bins provide great storage for small toys and activities and help you keep the high traffic area neat and tidy.  When a space is picked up, it feels more relaxing and less cramped.

Cut back on your collections.  Take some time and inventory your movies, music, books, and games.  If you rarely use them or find any multiples, think about donating or selling.  If you have a collection of CD's, take the time to add them all to your iTunes account.  

Try these tips and make more room for living in your living room.

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  1. That room reminds me of Shal's old house with that pretty molding and cool windows. Great tips Casey!