August 31, 2011

hang in there

Seattle Board
I remember when my jewelry made a huge style leap.  I went from dainty sterling silver to bold and colorful pieces.  At the time, I had a small jewelry box with several hooks and drawers that fit all my accessories perfectly.  However, it wasn't ideal for my new chunky bracelets and long necklaces.  My dad decided to make a "jewelry board" for me in order to solve my storage dilemma. If you know my precious dad, he likes to make things that, "get the job done." He created my first jewelry board from an old piece of plywood covered in green felt (green is my favorite color). The hooks were gold and simply screwed right into the plywood structure. It got the job done.

Last year, when Joe and I were living in Seattle, we were itching for a project and decided to make a jewelry board of our own that would match our bedroom. (At the time, my necklaces were hanging on a wire coat hanger in the closet, not cool)It's the same basic idea that my dad had, only with updated hardware and fabric.

In my latest organizing project, we created a personalized jewelry board to match my client's taste.  My favorite new features were the double white hooks on each side used for bracelets and rings.

Thanks dad for the great idea!

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  1. Casey, this is such a great idea! I'm very impressed!